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Frequently Asked Questions

Students can expect to explore careers and companies hiring young people organized by career clusters 24/7 between February 2, 2023, and June 19, 2023! There are 8 career clusters represented based on the most high-growth, high-demand occupations in the central Illinois region. There are videos, online activities, and other uploaded content about the careers and companies represented within each of the virtual booths. There are also many career exploration resources in the virtual lobby as well as live, virtual and on demand webinars in the virtual Auditorium. The live/virtual Auditorium webinar calendar schedule is at the end of this document. Students will learn about specific company hiring needs, internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, and corporate cultures in the virtual Student Guidebook company spotlights and exhibitor chart.
No problem! The CareerSpark-You’re Hired! - JA Inspire exhibits and resources in the virtual platform will be available between February 2, 2023, and June 19, 2023. High School students and their parents/guardians may explore as often as they’d like during this time!
Yes! Files a student saves in their virtual backpack are stored in their account within the virtual platform, which is accessible through June 19, 2023. These files may be sent to an email to download and save by June 19, 2023. If not downloaded and saved by then, the files may no longer be available.
Educators, school personnel, and parents/guardians may email anyone on the GP EDC or JA of Central IL team for assistance. Students should contact a teacher or parent/guardian for assistance.
This is a virtual experience beginning February 2, 2023, and ending June 19, 2023.
High School students will create their own login the first time they access the site. Internet access is required. No webcam or software download is needed. Students should have completed the JA Inspire modules provided by their teacher or through the resource links in the virtual Lounge before participating in CareerSpark-You’re Hired! Educators or other school personnel who do not have the Educator Guide or Student Guidebook link should contact or for assistance.
Absolutely! New content will be added periodically, especially in the virtual Auditorium. Different career clusters will be highlighted through live/virtual career panel webinars twice a month February through April! These will also be recorded for future viewing. The schedule for live/virtual webinars has been shared with registered educators and will be in the virtual Auditorium. Check back frequently for updates! Live/synchronous and/or on demand access to these webinars is through the virtual Auditorium. They will run on the 2nd and 4th Fridays in February, March, and April every hour starting at 8:00 am with the last one beginning at 3:00 pm.